Excellent service across the South East

Gatedoctors have local teams of professionally qualified and highly experienced automatic gate repair and automatic barrier repair engineers based across our coverage area of London and South East England, who utilise our modern fleet with remote tracking, stock control and spare parts to be able to attend your property promptly and repair the automation problem quickly.When you are seeking automation repairs near you – simply call or e-mail and we will be helping you within a few minutes.

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Why choose GateDoctors

  • Qualified engineers
  • Strategic location for rapid service across London and the South East
  • Modern fleet with over 500+ spares and powerful onboard welder-generator
  • GPS tracking for accurate billing

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Don’t just take our word for it…

Wow, what a great service. Repaired within 2 hours of your engineer arriving the day after I called. Fantastic.

John Smith, Broken Gate

Great thank you!

Graham, Electrical damage

Motor replaced the next afternoon after calling.

Ryan Mark, Broken motor

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