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Automated Driveway Gate

Enhance your Security and Safety with an Automated Driveway Gate 

Having an automated driveway gate installed on a property entrance offers many benefits. Such as improved safety, security, convenience, visual appeal and property enhancement. 

Homeowners and businesses share the same top priorities when it comes to improving security and safety. Electric driveway gates are a strong, sophisticated solution that provides security and has many practical advantages. At Gatedoctors, we offer clients several different options, which we will endeavour to highlight in this article.

Benefits of Gate Automation 

Electric Gates Offer Enhanced Safety & Security

Electric gates serve as physical barriers and offer access control features like secure access codes and intercoms, which significantly improve safety and security. They can be combined with surveillance systems to provide additional security and aid in gathering evidence during security incidents. 

Gate Automation acts as a Deterrent

An automatic gate alone acts as a strong deterrent to potential intruders. It conveys the message that your property is safe, well-guarded, and supervised. By deterring trespassers and burglars from trying to gain unauthorised access, this visual deterrent frequently lowers the risk of security breaches. It conveys the message that your property is safe, well-guarded, and supervised. 

Gates offering Surveillance Integration

You can identify visitors visually and audibly before allowing them access with the help of many automated driveway gates. Driveway gates can be seamlessly integrated with security cameras and intercoms. Even when you’re not physically on the property, this additional layer of surveillance improves your ability to keep an eye on things and uphold security.

Automation for Child and Pet Safety

For families with young children or pets, electric automated gates contribute to safety by creating a barrier that prevents them from wandering into the street or other potentially hazardous areas. 

This automation feature promotes a secure environment for loved ones to play and roam freely within the confines of your property.

Electronic gates also improve property occupants’ safety by preventing accidents and unauthorised access, especially for kids and pets

The Convenience and Safety of an Electric Gate System

Unquestionably, an electric gate system is convenient. With the push of a button or a smartphone app, these systems make it simple to remotely open and close your gate, doing away with the need for manual operation, especially in bad weather or when carrying groceries. 

Electric gates can also incorporate different access control strategies, making it easier for visitors to enter without you being physically present. 

Through features like video intercoms and surveillance cameras, they also improve security, giving you peace of mind and control over who enters your property. Overall, electric gate systems simplify access control and enhance the quality of life.

Choosing the Right Type of Electric Gates & Automation Systems 

There are several types of automated gates, and each is created to meet a different set of requirements, preferences, and property layouts. The selection and wide range of gates we have for offer for driveways are based on various considerations. These include budget, space constraints, aesthetic preferences, and security needs.

Additionally, your unique requirements and financial constraints should be taken into account when selecting the gate automation system, control methods (such as remote control, keypad, or smartphone app), and security features. You can choose the best kind of electric gate for your property by talking to our skilled and experienced gate installers.

Cantilever and Tracked Electric Sliding Systems 

Cantilever sliding electric gates do not require a track along the ground because they are supported by rollers or carriages fastened to a single post. When a smooth surface is preferred or the terrain is uneven, a cantilever electric gate is more appropriate.

Tracked sliding gates move along a track that is anchored to the ground and controlled by a motor. Because of their dependability and durability, they are used in all types of settings, including, domestic, commercial and industrial settings.

Swing Electric Gates

These automatic driveway gates have a single panel that, like a door, swings open or shut on hinges. They are appropriate for areas with constrained space or narrow driveways. Additionally, double swing gates comprise two panels that swing open in opposite directions, double swing gates are ideal for wider driveways and offer an elegant, symmetrical appearance.

Why Choose Gatedoctors Systems 

At Gatedoctors, we have been designing, manufacturing and installing automated gates with a motor for over 30 years. We have a team of skilled engineers who can assist you in selecting the best system for your needs. We also provide a wide selection of remote control gates and gate openers, all designed to automate gates on any type of property.

Whether wooden driveway gates modern aluminium gates or heavy-duty metal gates with heavy-duty motors, we will create an ideal system for your home or business.

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Our gate experts are here to guide you every step of the way, from gate conception to gate creation for any project. Choose from materials such as wood metal or aluminium and choose a gate that’s both affordable and aesthetically pleasing. 

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