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The benefits of electric gate systems with us

Gates are a beautiful addition to any house or establishment, whether they are made of rustic composite boards or opulent wrought iron. Additionally, they improve a building’s security and privacy, especially if they are automated. We’ll look at the benefits of electric gates Surrey and explain why choosing electric gates over manual ones is easier.

Increases the value of your home – When it’s time to sell in Surrey, an automated gate will enhance your home’s curb appeal and attract purchasers. Electric gates may provide privacy, convenience, and security, which can raise the value of a house. Businesses may also gain from electric gates since they make it evident to customers and visitors that your business cares about quality and safety.

Improves security – The mere appearance of a gate is enough to dissuade certain thieves – and the ability to manage your gate at the press of a button further improves security by making it easier to regulate entry. By doing this, you may be confident that both your belongings and the people in them are secure. It can deter burglars as well as small children and pets from straying from the family’s house. Additionally, your insurance provider could deduct money from your premiums by accounting for the installation of a motorised gate when calculating your insurance expenses.

Privacy – Gates are the ideal method to offer your house or place of business some solitude, whether you’re weary of cars turning around in your driveway or you just want some privacy from nosy neighbours’ pets.

Convenience – The extreme convenience of electronic gates is one of their main advantages. There are a few reasons you might not want to get out of your car to open the gates when you get home after a hard day. You might not want to leave small children alone, the weather can be terrible, or you might even have mobility concerns that make getting in and out of your car difficult. All of these problems are resolved with motorised gates, which let you remain secure and at ease in your automobile while the gates open automatically.

Aesthetic appeal – A gate is a magnificent addition to any home since it is intimidating and elegant. Gates may provide a more classic touch to your house or place of business and can be sleek and contemporary, depending on the type you choose. Custom gates may be made by us for your property by businesses like Gate Doctors, who can also add a variety of beautiful patterns to properly match any facade.

Not only do Gatedoctors do electric gate installation, we also repair and maintain them.  Because these gates have moving and mechanical parts which are exposed to the elements, damage or wear-and-tear will happen. Please be sure to have a look at our repairs section if you need a repair job.

Types of automated gates available

We have over 30 years of experience in the gate installation and repair industry in Surrey with many gate options from us to choose from. Our electric gate range has three main types of gates; swing gates, sliding gates and bi-folding gates:

Swing gates – Swing gate operators are mechanical, hydraulic, or electrical systems that enable swing gates to open and close automatically. Swing gates, which require fewer people to open and close the gate, are a common feature in public spaces like airport terminals.  For airport terminals, military areas, industrial facilities, houses, and other shared places, passenger safety and adaptability are crucial. Swing gates are helpful for ensuring security and shielding people from encroachment. Swing gates can be used, for instance, to stop permitted cars from accessing staff parking spaces, and to stop “fee hoppers” from entering subway and metro rail stations, festivals, and other major events. Furthermore, the passenger won’t be harmed by these sophisticated automated gates.

Sliding Gates – Moving across a driveway opening, sliding gates slide into a gap to the side of one gate post that is both parallel to the opening and longer than the gate itself. Most frequently, it is a single leaf that moves on a track across the driveway entry and has wheels under its base. A motor with an attached projecting toothed gear slides sliding gates. When the motor turns the cog, it meshes with a rack that is positioned within the gate and opens or closes the gate.

Bi-Folding Gates – For houses with small or constrained entryways, where conventional swing gates or sliding gates are impractical, our distinctive bi-fold gates provide a space-saving option. They are ideal for domestic or residential applications, including those involving tiny or narrow lots, short or constrained roads, and townhouses with constrained entryways. Bi-fold gates get their name because they fold on both sides. It provides them an attractive appearance, and you may customise their design to complement the exterior of your home and the entrance’s general design. To provide for the most entrance space possible in constrained situations, the bi-fold gates swing clear of moving cars.

How much do automated gates in Surrey cost?

The cost of the automatic electric gates we provide in Surrey typically ranges from a few hundred pounds for pedestrian gates to £2,000 to £4,000 for driveway gates that are specially made, contemporary, or traditional in style. Metal railings made of wrought iron can also be used to complement these.

A low-intensity articulated arm motor (for light-weight gates) costs a few hundred pounds, whereas a pair of underground home swing gate motors with foundation boxes costs £1,000.

There are still certain factors to take into account if you want to automate the metal gates that are currently in your yard or driveway. Automating an old metal gate could come at an added expense. Building pillars sturdy enough to support gate motors may be necessary.

The price of installing the automatic gate is something else to consider. The kind of foundation and gates used will largely affect the installation cost. The groundwork expenses cover all pillars, posts, subsurface motor installation, drainage, and if you choose automatic swing gates, a certified electric supply.

For a competent automatic gate installation, a comprehensive site survey is necessary to identify potential issues and the expense of fixing them.

Do you need planning permission for electric gates on a private road Surrey?

Without needing a permit, you can install an automatic electric gate system up to 2 metres high in Surrey if your gates open into a private road or an unadopted road. If the gate opens into a highway or a highway-side sidewalk, the gate can be one metre in height or less; otherwise, planning authorization is required.

If a gate, fence, or wall already exists in that spot, no planning approval is required because you will be replacing the current boundary feature with a feature of comparable height. Simply put, you won’t require authorization if you are replacing a gate with another gate that is the same height or lower.

The new automatic gate will require authorization if it is higher than the old one. If you are erecting a gate in a new place for the first time, it can be up to 2 metres tall in any other area but up to 1 metres adjacent to a highway.

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