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automated gate servicing

How often should I have electric gate maintenance?

In general, systems that are used seldom (two to three times a day) will need Automated Gate Servicing once a year. Servicing is advised twice a year for gates that are used more frequently to examine levels of wear and tear related issues. Gates that are used less frequently may require more frequent maintenance to maintain the components moving freely. It’s also possible that the location of your gates makes a difference. If you reside near the coast, for example, the salty air can harm the gate’s components. Furthermore, due to the increased wind resistance when the gates are in use, gates in high-wind areas may require more frequent service.

Of course, if you find that your gate is acting strangely and isn’t operating as it should, it’s an indication that you need to pay attention. One of the most important reasons to repair your gates on a regular basis is to ensure their safety. When your gates are maintained, the gate engineer will examine all of the gates’ safety features to ensure that they are operational. While automated gate system injuries are uncommon, inadequate installation and maintenance can raise the likelihood of an accident. A good gate engineer will check that the obstacle detection systems and safety devices are working properly during a service. They’ll also look at the electrical components to see if there are any potential problems.

We at Gate doctors take pride in being open, friendly, honest, and knowledgeable in our area, and we always put the consumer first. We will always make certain that the best advice is given. We wish to be an extension of your business for our commercial and industrial clients, offering our services alongside yours. This will allow us to respond quickly and fluidly to any situation or issue that requires our attention.

What do you do if your automatic gates struggle when opening?

In the event of a power outage, automated gate systems should feature a manual release option that allows the gates to be opened manually if they aren’t opening at the touch of a button or via the sensor. A preventable gate automation failure, on the other hand, can be extremely inconvenient. During a service, the system’s functions will be thoroughly examined, and any necessary maintenance will be performed. This includes lubricating any moving parts including wheels, motor arms, and hinges, as well as inspecting all cables and wiring. Not only will this lessen the likelihood of a malfunction, but proper maintenance will also extend the life of your gate system. While a gate engineer’s primary focus is on the motor function, it is equally critical to maintain the gate itself. Because iron and wooden gates are vulnerable to the elements, they require frequent inspections and the application of protective exterior coats. Due to aluminum’s natural corrosion-resistant qualities, it is more resistant to environmental damage.

If you find your automatic gates are in need of repair or a general service, Gate doctors are here to provide electric gate servicing and a regular electric gate maintenance service. We take satisfaction in being able to fix your automatic gate as quickly and smoothly as possible, thanks to our 30 years of experience, trained engineers, and a big stock of replacement parts.

How long do electric gates last?

An automatic gate system can be a great investment for your house or business, and if properly maintained, your electric gate can last for 20 years or longer. To maintain the gates and motors in top shape, they need to be serviced on a regular basis, just like any other piece of machinery. Regular maintenance is necessary not just for the longevity of your gate automation system, but also for a variety of additional reasons. You want to keep your electric gate system looking as good as new if you invested a reasonable amount of time, thought, and money in it. While a gate engineer will not pressure wash your gates for you, they will make sure that all of the necessary components are lubricated, clean, and debris-free. Cleaning your gates properly will help them look as good as new.

We recommend contacting a professional gate installation for technical examination and maintenance of automated gates. However, there are several things you can do on your own to help your gates. For example, operating the manual release system three to four times a year is recommended to keep the mechanism effective. Keep your gates clean and your sliding gate tracks clear of garbage and stones. Electric gate systems can be severely harmed by slugs and snails. To keep slugs away from electrical control boxes, slug pellets or wool might be used as a repellent. 

How long does an electric gate installation take?

Anyone installing electric driveway gates should be qualified and knowledgeable, as well as aware of the safety concerns. It is recommended that you hire a professional unless you have prior expertise installing electric gates. Before an installation, the site should be thoroughly assessed and a safety audit is done to identify any potential hazards that need to be addressed. There are three different setups for automatic driveway gates. Sliding, Swing, and Dual Openers are the three types. The topography around the place where the gate will be erected will determine which one you require. This is something you should discuss with your contractor during your appointment.

In general, installing a driveway gate takes between 3-5 hours if everything goes perfectly. Of course, this does not cover time spent fabricating off-site or transportation. The greater the project, the longer it will take, although most automatic driveway installations are completed in an afternoon.

Is there an electric gates repair and servicing company near me?

A growing number of homeowners are discovering the advantages of installing electric driveway gates. They enhance protection and convenience, and their beautiful appearance adds curb appeal, thus enhancing the value of your home. Automated gates are also long-lasting, and if properly maintained according to a suggested service schedule, they can last for years. 

At Gatedoctors, our strategic location near Gatwick Airport allows us to quickly access locations throughout London and the South East, and our well equipped and tracked vans carry over 500 automation replacement parts onboard, allowing us to resolve 95% of issues on the first visit and provide correct billing. We do not outsource your system or security; we only utilise our own highly skilled engineers. Each has a Gate Safety Diploma, indicating that they have been certified to meet the criteria of BS-EN13241 Gate Safety Legislation.

How much do electric gate repairs cost?

Aluminum gates can cost anywhere from a few hundred pounds for electric gates to £2,000 to £4,000 for bespoke, contemporary, or classically built driveway gates. Meanwhile, gate motors can cost anywhere from a few hundred pounds for a low-intensity articulated arm motor (for lightweight gates) to £1,000 for a pair of household swing gate underground motors and foundation boxes. You might also consider installation fees. They are mostly dictated by the type of groundwork and gates used. Groundworks costs include pillars, posts, and, if you choose swing gates, subsurface motor installation and drainage, as well as a licensed electrical supply. A competent installation will do a complete site survey to identify potential difficulties and the expense of resolving them.

Contact us at Gatedoctors for more information on automated gate repairs and electric gate installation. We take your security seriously and aim to complete automatic gate repair as fast as possible.

Can I get automated systems for my current gates?

For your project, the greatest electric gate system will be one that fulfills your specific needs, is cost-effective, and is long-lasting. It’s crucial to understand what electric gate systems contain and what they’re required to do before picking which is the ideal option for you. There are still things to think about if you want to automate your current gates. While you won’t have to pay for new gates, there may be extra charges connected with automating an existing gate. You may, for example, need to incorporate the construction of pillars strong enough to support gate motors. Wooden gates are reassuringly robust and sturdy, and they have an appealing look that many people appreciate. They can also be hard-wearing and long-lasting if properly cared for. They do, however, have significant drawbacks when it comes to automation. Their weight is one of them. Wooden gates can be heavy, and they will become heavier in wet weather as they absorb water. The gates will need to be moved by a powerful motor attached to them. Another consideration with wooden gates is the amount of upkeep necessary. Even after staining and varnishing, the surface covering will ultimately blister or flake, allowing water to penetrate the wood, causing it to fracture and decay.

The following fundamental elements will be included in all gate automation kit systems. Each gate leaf is moved by one or more electromechanical or hydraulic motors. For opening and closing the gate, there is a control system, safety photocells, and remote controllers. Extras may be included in some kits, but they can also be purchased separately. For example, a human override in the event that the automation fails or there is a power outage. When the gate is open, the warning lights flash. When the gates open and close, they have safety edges that detect touch with things. Safety notifications are posted to inform the public about their operation. These are very valuable in business contexts. A loop cable system buried in driveways detects and activates gates when vehicles pass over it. As well as intercoms, keypads, proximity readers, and audio or video communication with the gate, access control systems include intercoms, keypads, proximity readers, and audio or video communication with the gate.

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