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Gates have been used to help protect properties for hundreds of years. Gates started off as simple wooden or metal gates and eventually evolved into more complex electric gate systems with the improvement of technology. Today, we are looking at automated gates in Kent, their benefits and what to think about before buying automatic gates.

What are Automated Gates?

Automatic gate systems are power-operated gate devices with numerous pieces that work together to provide access to buildings or homes. The purpose of automatic gates is just as variable and may be impacted by environmental changes, seasonal shifts, and transitory adjustments.

It can be configured to perform a wide range of functions in several different ways. It can have a distinctive appearance and be built with a wide range of components and materials, all from numerous suppliers with a variety of options.

Its functionality might range from being really basic to being extremely complicated and interacting with other goods and services. No matter the style or, frequently, the size, each specification, whether it be private, home, multi-user, public, commercial, industrial, or even military, has its own requirements.

All gate systems, like all automated machinery, should be safe to operate both manually and without electricity, not just for the users but also for any potential bystanders etc. Gates must be trustworthy and trouble-free otherwise there’s no point in getting one. All gates need to be serviced and maintained, and any damaged parts should be replaced and tested to ensure the gates are safe and efficient. Please ask us any questions you have about installation or repairs and we would be happy to help.

Why Choose Us For Electric Gate Installation in Kent?

We always put the needs of our clients first and pride ourselves on being open, affable, honest, and very informed in the gate automation industry. We’ll always make sure the appropriate guidance is given. We aspire to be an extension of your company for our business and industrial clients, providing our services alongside yours. This will guarantee a quick and free-flowing response to any issue or concern that requires our attention.

We take great satisfaction in being able to fix your automatic gates in Kent as fast and easily as possible because of our 30+ years of experience in gate installation and gate servicing. We have highly trained engineers and a sizable inventory of spare parts to tackle any job. Contact us today for a free quote on a new electric gate installation, gate maintenance, and gate repairs in Kent.

Benefits of Gate Automation Systems in Kent

These days, more and more homeowners are investing in automatic gates since they provide additional safety and security for their families and are a practical and cost-effective alternative for home security. Additionally, they come in a range of forms and styles to match the home’s and the property’s landscaping.

Every family values their privacy. The greatest approach to safeguarding the privacy of you and your family from outsiders in Kent is by selecting appropriate driveway gates for your home. If it’s an automatic gate, the owner is responsible for the security. You can help protect your property with an automatic gate by pressing a button on your remote which allows you to easily manage who comes onto and leaves your property in this way.

Automatic gates, as previously indicated, offer the convenience of letting homeowners manage entry and leave from their home. So that you may establish limits for your pets and kids and prevent negative effects from traffic and other potential hazards. Another excellent feature of automatic gates is the number of alternatives offered. Increase the security of your home by having a gate in any design, size, or height installed on your driveway.

The convenience of not having to physically open the gates to enter your home is provided by automatic gates. It is practical, especially during rainstorms or other inclement weather. There are several ways to open an electric gate. Some of the techniques include keypads, card readers, and remote controls, while more sophisticated automatic gates use sensors that read particular signals to allow admission.

Some people turn around in other people’s driveways, however, you can prevent such unwanted vehicles from using your driveway by installing an automatic electric gate. Additionally, you can keep obtrusive animals that dwell in the wild or in your neighbourhood out of your yard. For instance, the dog that belongs to your neighbour but is not allowed to roam the neighbourhood will not be able to enter your property, so you won’t need to keep an eye out for that.

Installing an automatic driveway gate in Kent is a practical option that can help you save money. You may also receive a discount from your home insurance with this added layer of security. Additionally, it will raise the value of your house and attract buyers’ attention immediately when it comes time to sell. According to polls, additional amenities like an automatic gate can boost a home’s overall value by 5%.

A driveway gate opener is a beautiful addition to your property. This addition will alter how others perceive your home whether you utilise a front gate or a side gate. These gates come in a range of materials and depending on the material you select, your property will either have a classic or modern appearance.

Different Types of Automatic Gates

Have you at last determined that your home or place of business needs an electronic gate? The following step is choosing the ideal electric gate system for your property. According to how they open, swing gates, sliding gates, and bi-folding gates are the three primary types of automated entrance gates.

Swing Gates

Swing gates are occasionally thought to be the safest choice of gates. This gate is frequently used at daycare facilities, parks, and other public spaces because it has fewer moving components and fewer opportunities for small hands or fingers to become entangled as they open. These gates may be opened in either direction, making it simpler for pedestrians and vehicles coming from either direction to enter. A swing gate system is typically the more affordable choice. These gates are more affordable to install since they have fewer moving components, need less setup at the fence’s edge, and lack a floor track.

Sliding Gates

An electric sliding gate system opens sideways from left to right. Most commercial property owners often ask for this kind of gate to make the most of their available area while yet allowing for simple vehicle access and security. However, an electronic sliding gate is also strongly advised for residential properties with little room or in busy areas where an electric gate that opens inward or outward would not fit.

Bifolding Gates

When someone uses the term “automatic bifold gates,” they are referring to a quick-acting security gate whose design maximises available area while yet allowing the gate to open and close inside that space. These gate systems are like swing gates but the gate opens and closes in two parts, not the whole gate swinging from one side to another.

Gate Material

Aluminium or steel can be used in the installation of metal electric gates. Although you may be familiar with wrought iron gates, modern metal electric gates are really comprised of aluminium, steel, or occasionally cast iron.  Some gate systems are made of wood as well. The choice of material mostly comes down to personal preference and budget. You can ask us about the benefits of each type of gate system when you get in touch with us.  

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