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Automatic Gate System

After a long day of work and a traffic-filled commute from the office, you finally view your home. It’s drizzling a bit this evening, but no matter. You are warm and snug in your car. You push the button on your personal remote control openers and watch in approval as your new automatic gate system motors kick in and the gate slides open effortlessly (working exactly as the product should) – welcoming you home to your kingdom, your domain. You pull the car into the driveway and push the button to seal the entry behind you. A quick glance in the rearview mirror confirms that your order has been dutifully respected. You smile as the gates silently lock behind you. 

Many homeowners and business owners are opting to upgrade to automatic gates today, and there’s little wonder as to why. The convenience of an electric gate system is unmatched.

GateDoctors offers installation, repairs, and maintenance services for all of your gate-related needs. 

In this article, we discuss the different types of automatic and electric gate systems available and how to know when to repair or replace your electric gate. Be sure to contact us if we can help you choose the best system to go with a garage, driveway, range, or other entry systems. We’re always happy to offer free advice!

Automatic Gate System: Types of Automatic and Electric Gates

Choosing an automatic gate system doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, working with us can make choosing automatic and electric gates easy! There are quite a few styles of automatic gates to choose from today. Today, property owners are welcome to choose from a range of electric gate options. Gate types include bi-folding gates, sliding gates, swing gates, and telescopic gates. 

Once you have decided upon an electric gate system, it is important to ensure the style is best suited to your property, your needs, and your style. 

Gate Type – Bi-Folding Gates (Product Categories: Electric, Swing, Sliding Systems)

Bi-fold gates are a style of swing gate, but each side is comprised of two or more hinged leaves (like an elbow). As the gate swings open, it folds into itself, thereby requiring only half the space a regular swing gate would need to open. 

Bi-folding gates are a great option, especially if you require:

Gate Type – Sliding Gate or Sliding Gate Automation or Sliding Gate Kits (Electric, Sliding, Opener)

Sliding gates slide into themselves, rather than inward or outward. Traditionally, sliding gates have wheels on the bottom that slide along a track. They are similar to a cantilever gate, except cantilevers are trackless systems. Sliding gates are especially popular amongst commercial spaces, as their sturdy structure has few vulnerable points.

Sliding gates are a great option, especially if you require:

Gate Type – Swing Gates or Swing Gate Automation (Automatic Gate, System Kits)

Swing gates can consist of one or two leaves that swing either inward or outward. 

There are several styles of swing gate, including:

Swing gates are an especially great option if you require:

Gate Type – Telescopic Gates (Gate Automation)

As the name implies, a telescopic gate has pieces that slide into each other. These gates are similar at first glance to sliding gates, however, they have more adjoining parts which are built to overlap each other.

Telescopic gates are a great option, especially if you require:

Automatic Gate System: When to Repair a Gate or Replace an Electric Gate

Although gate repair is usually an option for electric or automatic gate systems, all gates do have a limited lifespan. Just like other automated devices, gate automation reaches a point when the best option is no longer repair, but replacement.

Here are a few signs that it may be time to replace your automated gate.

  1. The motor is heavily damaged
  2. Spare parts are no longer created or kept in stock
  3. The gate is in the process of failing (opens and closes slowly)
  4. The gate fails to open or close (or only works intermittently)
  5. The gate is exhibiting safety concerns, such as potentially closing when it shouldn’t or conducting electrical shocks
  6. The gate is simply outdated and doesn’t offer the features available with today’s automatic gate systems

However, the best way to know whether it’s time to repair or replace an automated gate is to contact the GateDoctors. With over 30 years of experience, highly qualified engineers, and a large selection of spare parts, we’re able to give expert feedback on the best solution to your gate automation concerns!

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