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What security comes with having automatic gates?

For a multitude of reasons, Automatic Gates London or electric gates are a wise investment. And peace of mind is invaluable when it comes to your family’s protection and security. It’s no secret that having an electric gate at the front of your house increases security. In fact, these gates are frequently referred to as ‘driveway security gates.’ A driveway with an automatic gate will prevent vehicles and pedestrians from entering your property. This means you, your family, your home, and your belongings will be safer.

One of the most valuable advantages of automatic driveway gates is security. You may open the gate from the safety of your own car if you arrive home late at night. An electric gate will keep small children from wandering onto the road or chasing a ball into oncoming traffic if you have one. Unwanted persons and animals will be kept away from your youngster. If you have a dog, automated gates (combined with a fence) can help you keep your pet on your property. It can also keep other animals out of your yard, preventing them from bothering or fighting with your pets.

An automated gate is a smart purchase if privacy is a concern for you. Cars will not be able to access your driveway, and visitors will not be able to stroll into your yard. This can help to limit the risk of theft and the possibility for people to look into your home. An automatic gate on your driveway can significantly improve the overall appearance of your home and, as a result, increase its curb appeal. You can get in touch with us at Gate Doctors to request a free quote on an electric gates installation. Available across London, we install and repair electric gates. We also have a team of highly trained professionals who know the ins and outs of electric gate automation.

How much are sliding electric gates in London?

When most people hear the term “electric gates,” they immediately think of security gates utilized by the wealthy and famous. But that is no longer the case. As they have gotten more accessible in the last five years, more and more ‘ordinary’ individuals have begun to install them. Furthermore, an electric gate can be installed in almost any private driveway. Automatic gates can vary greatly depending on the size and material of the gates. Electric gates are a great way to add a touch of elegance to any home or company. Any location’s security, privacy, and accessibility can be improved with this status sign. For a single, inexpensive softwood five-bar gate with simple remote control operation, electric driveway gates can cost as little as £2,900 with VAT. High-quality bi-fold swing gates or concertina sliding driveway gates that require substantial groundwork could cost more than £9,000 + VAT.

At Gate Doctors, we offer competitive prices for the installation and repairs of electric gates across London. You can submit a form via our website or give us a call.

What are the best materials for an automated gate?

If it’s privacy, choose a solid wooden gate rather than an open metal gate. If you just want security from trespassers then a metal gate is ample. Unfortunately, you can’t often have both. A solid metal gate will just be too heavy for normal domestic motors to handle. Wood, iron (or other metals), and composite material are the most frequent materials for electric gates. Wooden gates aren’t new, however they add a sense of quality and elegance. This is why wooden gates are so popular. Metal gates create a sense of security and strength. Because they are sturdy but light, aluminium gates are perfect for gate automation. With the same weight, aluminum gates are stronger than steel or wood gates. Due to the lightness of aluminium, even huge aluminium gates do not require gate motors capable of moving heavy wooden or steel gates.

You can get in touch with us at Gatedoctors for more information and advice on the most suitable material and gate style for your driveway.

Is an electric gate better than traditional gates?

Gates are essential for securing and protecting your private residence or commercial property. Electric gates are an excellent long-term investment. They will assist in the monitoring and protection of any residential, commercial, or industrial structure. Investing in a gate, whether for enhanced security, keeping your property away from the road and burglars, or simply for curb aesthetic, is a sensible decision. However, now that you’ve decided to buy gates, you must figure out which product is best for you. Furthermore, the benefits that your property gate can bring are largely dependent on the type of gate you select. We now have the option of choosing between a manual and an automatic or electric gate, thanks to technological advancements.

Having electric gates will raise the value of your home if you decide to sell it in the future. Because of its functional and cosmetic benefits, a gate is a key component that might attract potential purchasers. Your insurance company may reduce your premiums if you put electric gates on your driveway. This is great for those living in expensive areas such as London. The benefits of these sorts of gates and how they can boost your security are widely known by insurance providers. 

There are no electronics in manual gates, and they are only controlled by hand. They also have manual latches that must be latched and unlatched. However, once the lock has been picked or broken, nothing will stop the gates from opening. While manual gates are more traditional in functioning, they come in a range of forms and can be customized to meet your specific requirements. If you want a manual gate, sliding gates are appropriate because the track and rollers provide added stability. Swinging gates are also easier to open than sliding gates due to design differences. A manual gate will be cheaper and easier to maintain than electric gates due to the lack of electronic capabilities.

Can anyone do an electric gates installation or electric gate repair?

Electric gates are legal to install by anyone. Electric gates, on the other hand, can be deadly if not built properly. We must emphasize the necessity of dealing with professionals who are familiar with the legal requirements for installing electric gates. It is possible for users to die if an electric gate is not placed appropriately or according to legal norms. As a result, all contractors must follow the rules. In the event of a fatality, failure to do so could result in charges of Corporate Manslaughter against both the contractor and the end-user. If you decide to proceed with the installation of an electronic gate, any contractor you choose should be able to demonstrate their compliance.

The DHF and GateSafe have professionally accredited and recognized Gatedoctors. We represent the gate installer business at Westminster round tables in collaboration with Gate Safe. We do not outsource your system or security; we only utilize our own highly skilled engineers for the installation of gate automation systems. Each has a Gate Safety Diploma, indicating that they have been certified to meet the criteria of BS-EN13241 Gate Safety Legislation and can provide gate automation installation. You are guaranteed a high quality of service by our team at all phases of the project. Please call us for more information on the areas in London we cover the services we provide.

Can you turn gates into automated gates?

Every scenario is unique and must be assessed by the gate contractor, but it is usually possible to turn a gate into an electric gate. A few minor adjustments to your gate will be required. You must, for example, ensure that your posts are sufficiently strong. If your posts are made of wood, you may need to replace them. It’s a simple job if your gates have hinges that face each other. If the hinges on your gates aren’t facing each other, you can easily add additional brackets or other metalwork. Customers on a budget will appreciate not having to replace their existing gates, as this will save them around a third of the project’s cost.

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