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Leading West Sussex Automatic Gates Installation Experts 

If you’re looking for a gate automation system or automatic gates West Sussex area, you are in the right place. Gatedoctors are the leading gate automation and electric gates installers in Sussex. In today’s society to beef up the security on your Sussex property either installing automatic barriers or electric gates is a must-do!

Expert & Dedicated Electric Gate Installers in Sussex

Automatic gates offer peace of mind, keeping unwanted visitors out and your pets in. Whether swinging or sliding electric gates we will have that perfect solution for you. With over 30 years in the business of gate installation to gate maintenance of electric gates from all leading manufacturers, you are in safe hands. 

At GateDoctors we pride ourselves on being able to repair your electric gates with rapid response and efficiency.

Automatic Gate Systems in West Sussex 

Depending on the space on your property & your budget and requirements will determine which electric gates are suitable. Whether you have metal gates or wooden gates or you need new gates on your property. GateDoctors will be able to install the best electric gate system with access control to meet all your requirements.

Domestic & Commercial Automatic Gates 

Different types of electric gates installations are available for both residential & commercial properties listed below. If you are unsure of which electric gate installation is suitable for your property contact us for a free estimate & site survey.

Automatic Swing Gates

Automatic swing gates are by far the most chosen option for both domestic & commercial properties. These styles of gates are designed to swing in or out. With swing gates for them to operate effectively, the ground must be level a gate will not open if they are bumped from the side.

Automatic Sliding Gates

These gates are mounted parallel to the fence line and use a track system and rollers to slide horizontally to open and close the gate.

Automatic Vertical lift Gates

If you have limited space on your property or the driveway is uneven, vertical lift gates are a good option. They are reliable and with a chain drive electric control mechanism ensures a smooth operation. 

Automatic Bi-Folding Gates

Bi-folding electric gates can be used for a private home or commercial driveway. The unique feature is that they slide and fold up onto themselves and are stored on the track system. This design makes each gate compact and uses less space than the other systems.

Enhanced Security with Electric Gates on your Property

Having electric gates on your home or commercial property is a great deterrent to thieves. As well as added security they also increase privacy and will add value to your property.

Access Control 

Access control is an important security component for all electric gate systems. They can come in the form of a touch keypad or key fobs. Depending on how much traffic you expect at your gate will determine the best security access device to use.

Our knowledgeable automation specialists will advise on the most suitable access device together with the most suitable electric gate installation. 

Gate Installation Repair & Maintenance

GateDoctors isn’t just a gate installation company we also repair all types of automatic gates from all the well-known manufacturers. 

Maintenance and servicing are imperative to ensure all electric gate systems are working safely. Maintenance & servicing involves lubricating and checking all the mechanical parts are in good order and working correctly. 

We ensure all electric gates meet UK standards and current legislation. We also manage the compliance and maintenance records 

We have a team of highly trained technicians on call, in their vans, and they have an onboard inventory of over 500 parts. In most cases, repairs can be carried out and completed on the first visit. If for any reason our technicians cannot repair the gate on the first visit, we will prepare a written quote. Once agreed upon we will schedule a time and date to repair in full. 

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