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Electric gate installation

Can I install electric gates myself or do I need an electric gate installer?

If you’re thinking about installing electric gates, you might ask if you can save money by doing it yourself. Maybe you believe it’s doable, but you’re not sure where to begin.

Is it, however, a simple procedure?  And what kind of abilities could you need to succeed?

We’ll look at the realities and obstacles of installing electric gate kits in this article. It should assist you in making an educated decision about whether you should do it yourself or seek expert assistance.

Many people are astonished to hear that there are no laws that govern the automation and installation of electronic gates. It is entirely lawful for anyone to put them in.

This technically implies that a homeowner has the legal right to install electronic gates using a DIY kit if they so want. It also implies that anyone with no qualifications or experience may work as an installer.

Electricians and landscapers may be competent to deal with electricity and may lay the required foundation for the installation, but neither knows the particular safety needs of electric gates. The same is true for security system installation.

All of these professions occasionally provide electric gate installation. If electric gates are installed incorrectly, they will not operate correctly. They might be deadly in the worst-case scenario. This is why it’s critical that the person who installs yours has the necessary skills and expertise.

Once gates are erected, they are subject to a number of health and safety standards. The Supply of Machinery Regulations 2008, the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, and the Workplace (Health, Safety, and Welfare) Regulations 1992 are examples of these.

If a severe infringement occurs, organisations installing automatic gates may risk hefty penalties or even jail if certain requirements are not followed. Automated gate technical specifications must be kept for at least ten years.

A list of possible hazards must be recorded, as well as a description of the remedies used to mitigate them. The gate user should save the gate’s operating and maintenance instructions, as well as general safety warnings. Regular servicing should be documented in a logbook.

If you want to install the gates yourself, keep in mind that there are some places where installing an automatic gate is considered a high-risk endeavour. When there are several residents, children, the elderly, or disabled individuals, there is open public access, and the gates are remotely managed, it is called high-risk.

When it’s impossible to educate a gate operator or appoint authorised users, as well as when a large number of individuals use the automated gate on a regular basis, the danger is deemed higher.

A number of elements contribute to the safety of automatic gates. Safety photocells, gate motors with obstruction detection, physical guarding, and force-limitation measures should all be included.

The gate motor and control system have an obstacle detection capability that detects any movement inside a predetermined region near to the gate. It makes use of infrared rays. Safety photocells direct the gate controls to stop the gate if someone or something disrupts the beam while it is travelling when they are operating properly.

The force supplied by the motors working on the moving gates should be restricted when the gates open and close, in accordance with British and European standards requirements.

They should also automatically reverse if they collide with a barrier, such as a human or animal, even if the impact is minor.

Commercial gates would almost certainly have to resist far more wear and tear than those used in residential settings. If a gate will be used regularly and cost is not a problem, a hydraulic system may be the best option.

There are various more considerations to consider before beginning the installation. This is crucial to accomplish before purchasing your gear, as not all of them are perfect for every set of situations.

The weight and length of each gate leaf, as well as the number of operating cycles the gates will have to accomplish each day, must all be considered. It’s also vital to consider the fitting’s constraints, such as the width of the entry and if it’s on a slope.

Environmental elements such as wind, moisture, and overhanging trees and plants are also taken into account.

How much clearance is provided behind a swing gate if you choose that option? Is there enough opening area for a sliding gate to slide open into if you’re building one?

The general condition of the gate and gate posts is another key consideration. You must be certain that the gate can work properly manually before installing any form of automation.

To test this, open the gate slowly using the tips of your fingers to simulate automatic movement.

All of these concerns, as well as others that may emerge, will be understood by an expert automatic gate installation. They’ll have dealt with a variety of situations and come up with solutions that assure the dependability and safety of their electric gate installations.

It’s simple to cause problems with your automatic gates, reducing its dependability, longevity, and safety. Because gates and electric gate kits are costly and involve forces capable of causing injury, it’s critical that any automatic gate installation be done appropriately.

It’s always advisable to allow a professionally qualified expert to install yours and provide you piece of mind unless you have the right range of talents and are certain that you can manage the complicated needs of an automated gate installation.

For a safe and quality electric gate installation, come to Gatedoctors for your free quotes – You can call us on 0800 634 3937 or send us an email at  Alternatively, you can contact us via online form here.

How much does an electric gate installation cost to run?

Electric gates are inexpensive to operate, and their ongoing expenses are determined by how frequently they are utilised. An electric gate system in standby consumes roughly 100 watts per day. This equates to 1.5p each day when power costs roughly 15p per KW/h.

The gates will require up to 700W when they are running, but only for roughly 20 seconds in each direction. This amounts to around 0.2p for each entire cycle of the gates opening and shutting. Based on the preceding charges, an average set of household gates runs 15 times each day, which comes out to roughly 3p per day.

So, for gates that operate up to 15 times a day (which is quite a lot), the annual power cost will be around £15.

Maintenance and service are essential to guarantee that your automatic electric gate system operates safely and legally.

We provide customizable maintenance and service agreements for residential, commercial, and managed properties, with all work completed by DHF licenced engineers in accordance with legal criteria, ensuring that your gate system is safe and legal.

Our maintenance service comprises lubricating and inspecting all mechanical components are in functioning order, force testing, and guaranteeing safety by assessing system compliance with the Health and Safety Executive rules, in addition to assuring accurate, safe, and legal operating order of your system. We can also handle insurance claims and section 20 notices on your behalf, as well as maintain all compliance and records.

We can operate with any gate brand and system type after an initial gate inspection, and we can even handle several locations for convenient invoicing.

How much does it cost for a security gate installation?

Electric driveways ensure your safety and privacy. When you use them in conjunction with video communications, you only need to let visitors in your front door if you know who they are and have given them permission to pass through the gates.

It also provides seclusion and increases the value and charm of your property. There’s also the benefit of not having to get out of your car to unlock the gates when you park it outside your house or in your garage.

We’ll go through the costs of wooden and metal sliding and swing gates, as well as how you may save money and additional factors to consider.

The price will vary depending on the type of gate, the materials used in the gate’s construction and if there are any obstacles stopping the gate from operating correctly. Prices may be approximately £950 – £3500.

Several factors will influence the ultimate cost of installing electric driveway gates, which we shall examine in further detail below.

A swing gate isn’t appropriate if your driveway has an uphill slope at the entry. If you utilise hinges that tilt the gate upwards when it opens, you can have them fitted. Some individuals have swinging gates with a huge gap at the bottom, which offers no security. It also has an unappealing look. If you have room on both sides of the gates and a slope, most manufacturers propose sliding gates.

The size of your entryway will also influence the price. You may need bespoke gates rather than buying ordinary gates if the size is odd.

Because bespoke gates are handcrafted rather than machine-made, they will be more expensive than regular gates. Your electrical supply is connected to your motor. If you don’t have simple access, an electrician may be needed to move your energy supply closer to your gate.

The material used to construct the gate has a significant impact on the pricing; there are normally five options:

– Steel/aluminum is a cost-effective and easy-to-maintain material.
– Wrought iron is the most expensive option, but it lasts a long time if properly cared for.
– PVC is the cheapest choice, but it’s lightweight and won’t last as long as the other materials.
– Hardwood is a costly material. Of all the timber alternatives, oak is the most costly.
– Softwood is a less expensive alternative to metal or hardwood. However, it will require maintenance.
– The cost is also influenced by the gate’s design. A conventional style will be less expensive than a custom choice.

The cost of your electronic gates will be affected by the type of entrance you select. Swing gates are easy to install and have a simpler structure.

You may select the style of your gate as well as the sort of motor that will power it. There are four different types:

Ram – A hydraulic system pulls and pushes a piston attached to the gate. If you don’t have much room, ram motors are a great option. Because the mounting is distant from the gate hinge, these motors are commonly utilised on bigger gates. This results in less force when the gates open.

Underground – If you don’t want the motor on the gate, it may be sunk into a hole on the side of the gate and disguised with a stone or wood man-man housing. This option is more expensive because to the additional expenditures of digging the ground and constructing the dwelling.

Arm Gate Motors – A gate post is connected to a two-piece arm. An arm gate motor has the benefit of superior installation tolerances and the ability to reach around corners, which a straight RAM cannot.

Gate Posts – Metal, brick, concrete, or wood are used to construct your gate posts. If you don’t already have gate posts, you’ll have to include in the expense of building them. An hourly rate for a bricklayer is between £25 and £30. Depending on the size of the post, the process might take between one and two days. Remember to include the cost of your materials.

If you already have posts, double-check that they are robust enough to support the weight of the gates before installing them. It’s possible that the posts need to be reinforced. If your posts are smaller than six inches in diameter or square, this is most likely the situation.

Some accessories are required, while others are optional. Gate posts, for example, are necessary since they will support your gates.

If you want the postman or delivery man to leave your letters and goods without having to come up to your front door, you’ll also need a letter or parcel box.

The rest is all up to you. A wireless or wired audio and video intercom system is a good option if you want a completely automated system.

If you want to save money, you may remove extra gadgets like push buttons and keypads. These are items that can be added later.

Why should I install electric automatic gates at my property?

We provide our customers with everything they need for their automation systems, including installation, repair, and maintenance, at Gatedoctors. Audio intercom systems, keypads, safety edges, and other automated gates and security equipment are among our specialties. We’ll look at a variety of reasons for putting electric gates at homes, and after reading them, your reasons for contemplating automated gates may grow. Your design may also be modified to meet your needs, depending on why you want to install electric gates. Continue reading to learn more about the five most common reasons for installing electronic gates.

The biggest benefit of electric gates is that they provide you total control over who gets entrance to your property. As a consequence, your security system is reinforced, guaranteeing that you and any family members are always protected. You may identify any callers to the house via audio communications and control technologies before they get to your door. Whether you wish to keep nuisance calls away or are afraid of suspicious guests, access control systems ensure that only authorised users may enter until you give them permission. A locked gate is frequently a barrier to potential thieves, thus it can help curb opportunist crimes.

Because electric gates include automated closing controls, you can be confident that the gate will be securely closed and locked as soon as you enter, providing added security for your home. It may also protect your property from animals such as rabbits, foxes, deer, and other unwelcome guests by slowing traffic in congested areas and protecting plants in your gardens from rabbits, foxes, deer, and other undesirable visitors. If covert protection and monitoring are vital features for you, they can be incorporated.

When you install these types of gate, you’re making a long-term investment that may boost your home’s value and appeal. Automated gate systems have been proved to increase the value of your house by up to 5% and even speed up the sale process. It’s also more enticing because insurers typically give discounts for installing dependable security gates because of the increased safety and security.

Close board or sturdy gates can also add to the feeling of privacy. Your house should be your refuge, and we may be able to reduce noise near busy schools or major roadways using automated solutions. A gate may also prevent parking violations, abandoned cars, and power outages.

There are several more reasons why individuals could choose electronic gates. This includes the element of convenience, since you may open the gates immediately. from the convenience of your own vehicle or home Access control systems may also be operated over the phone from anywhere.

Please contact us via our contact form or by email at for more information on why you should install electric gates at your home. You may also call us at 0800 634 3937 or complete an online form here. One of our representatives would be happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have about our goods and services.

How much does it cost to repair/maintain automatic gates?

The cost of gate maintenance visits varies based on your gate system and how far your selected gate engineer is located. Maintenance for your electronic gates to maintain dependable functioning and a long life is likely to cost between £150 and £300 each year.

Some businesses will charge a flat fee for a gate maintenance visit to inspect the system and then charge for any necessary repairs. Other firms may provide a full maintenance/guarantee contract that includes replacement components, although these may be more costly.

Most electric gate system manufacturers provide a warranty on their products right out of the box. This encourages you to choose installers who purchase from respected UK suppliers to ensure that these warranties are upheld.

When you verify with your gate engineer, be sure that their installation is covered by the warranty they provide.

Should I buy electric sliding gates or electric swing gates?

There are 2 main choices of electric gate; Sliding gates and Electric gates. It’s important to consider which gate option is best for your property. Single swing gates and double swing gates are the two varieties of swing gates. In comparison to double swing gates, single swing gates are more cost effective. In comparison to a double gate, it just requires one automated opener and half the hardware (bolts, hinges, etc.). A double gate, on the other hand, has the benefit of more room. A 12-foot single gate will require 12 feet of swinging space behind it, however, a 12-foot double gate will only require 6 feet.

Single swing gates are an excellent alternative if you have a limited budget. If money isn’t an issue and you want to save space while maintaining an attractive appearance, twin swing gates are the way to go.

Sliding gates are ideal for compact locations when there isn’t enough room for swing gates to open. A parking lot or garage with a sliding gate provides greater parking space. Sliding gates are extremely safe since they can’t be pushed open once they’ve been closed and attached to a fixed post. Wind has no effect on them, unlike swing gates. Larger driveways benefit from slide gates. Sliding gates offer greater benefits than swinging gates in general.

How are electric gates installed?

For your gate project, the greatest electric gate system will be one that fulfils your unique needs, is cost-effective, and long-lasting. Take a look at what electric gate systems feature and what they are required to perform before determining which is the ideal option for you.

All gate automation kits will include the following fundamental components:

– Each gate leaf is moved by one or more electromechanical or hydraulic motors.
– Photocells for safety control
– The gates may be opened and closed using remote controls.

Some gate kits may include extras, although they may also be purchased separately:

– In the event that the automation fails or the power goes out, there is a human override.
– When the gate is open, the warning lights flash.
– When the gates open and close, they have safety edges that detect touch with things.
– Notices to the public about their activity. These are very valuable in business contexts.
– A loop cable system buried in driveways that detects and activates gates when vehicles pass over it.
– Intercoms, keypads, proximity readers, and audio or video communication with the gate are all examples of access control systems.

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