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Automated Electric Gates 

We are an independent established electric gate company supplying and installing automatic gates Surrey area. With over 30 years of experience in both the repair and installation of automatic gates for driveways, we are unrivalled experts.

Whether you have big or small driveways we will have affordable electric sliding driveway gates perfect for your property. We can guide you from conception to the creation of a gate system for your residential or commercial driveway. 

Sliding Gates Systems

We have been involved in the manufacturing, designing and repairing of all manner of electric gates and electric sliding gate systems. Whether it’s swing gates, bi-fold gates or a sliding electric gate you need for the entrance to your driveway. 

Electric gates can be automated either to slide or swing open with the aid of an electric motor. We will have a perfect solution for your gates. 

Existing Gates or New Gates?

Depending on your current gates across your driveway it is possible they can be converted into automated gates. At Gatedoctors we will be able to advise you on any changes that might be necessary. There will be a few factors to consider such as the condition and strength of your current gate post. Are they strong enough for mounting electric gate openers + accessories? 

If you would prefer a new gate system our specialist gate installers will be able to advise on the requirements needed, such as gate post size, gate positioning and the best-suited gate automated system for your driveway.

How will the driveway gates open?

An automated gate can be designed to swing open or slide open. This will depend on the available space as a swing gate needs more space than a sliding gate. 

Below are different gate operating systems for both swing and sliding gates.

Swing Gate Ram Operated

This style of automated gate is easier to fit and of a lower cost than an underground gate system. The motor is more visible and the gate is operated by using hydraulic rams.

Swing Gate Underground Motor

With this type of gate opener, each gate is independently operated. A gate leaf is situated underground at the base of each gate post. The only visible part is the steel lid which contains the hydraulic motor which operates the gates.

Tracked Sliding Gates

Normally a single sliding gate is used to cross the driveway. This system will require a space for the gate to close into which will be greater than the driveway opening. If space is of a premium tracked gates can be designed to be bi-parting gates.

Cantilever Sliding Gates

Cantilever gates don’t need a track across a driveway and are better suited for a sloping or uneven driveway entrance. One thing that does need to be considered with this gate-opening system is the slide space required is a lot greater than in a tracked gate-opening system.

Steel, Aluminium or Timber Sliding Gates

Aluminium gates are safer and more lightweight than timber gates. Not as much force is required to open gates made o aluminium. Gates made from aluminium require less maintenance than timber gates. So undoubtedly forcost-effectivenesss and durability gates made from aluminium are a better choice.

Steel gates due to their weight will require stronger gate fittings including a motor with more power. For gate safety due to the weight and power needed to open and close steel gates. More care is needed in the design process. A steel gate is normally made with an intricate design, so not as easy to clean and needs constant maintenance to keep the rust away

Wooden and timber gates do look beautiful across a driveway but they do need frequent attention. If you have the time or a good maintenance program in effect a driveway gate made from timber would be a good choice.

Whichever material you want your gates made from, we are here to ensure you have an electric sliding gate fitting for your driveway.

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If you need further information on our electric gates or would like us to design and install a bespoke tailor-made driveway gate on your property, please get in touch. You can be assured of our 30 years of experience with electric gates sliding systems we will have a driveway solution designed just for you.

You can either call or send us an email. All contact information is available on our website.

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