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Electric Gate Installation and Electric Gate Repairs Around London

Whether you’re considering installing a new gate or repairing an existing gate, it’s a good idea to know about the different types and styles of gates on the market today. Gates tend to have a fairly long lifespan, so if you’re in the market for gate repairs, don’t be surprised if there are a lot more gate options in the marketplace than the last time you checked. You may decide to purchase an upgrade to your gate to go along with repairs. Electric gates and automatic gates are an incredibly convenient upgrade to include when scheduling your standard gate repairs.

So what are the main types of gates right now? There are three main styles of gates which we’ll discuss below:

Once you’ve decided on the type of gate, the next question is what style of gate will work best for your property.

The main styles of gates are:

Some of these gates are more appropriate for residential or commercial use, but a few are versatile enough to be used for either.

We will break down the pros and cons of each gate type and style in the following sections, to help you narrow down your gate shopping.

Standard Gate

A standard gate is not powered by anything except you! To drive a car past this gate, someone will have to physically exit the vehicle and open the gate, drive the vehicle through, and then physically close the gate.

For driveways with frequent car movement, this can offer an inconvenience. For pedestrian pathways, such as garden gates, this can be a sensible option with no real inconvenience added.

Electric Gate / Automatic Gate

Many people are opting to install or upgrade their current gate systems to electric automated gate systems. The main benefit of this system is the convenience of being able to push a button on a remote within your car and have the gates open automatically. Once you drive past the gate, another push of the button closes the gate behind you.

While this is incredibly convenient year-round, you will be especially appreciative of an automated gate system during winter and rainy days! Automatic gates allow you to stay warm and dry within the confines of your vehicle without having to face the elements to open and close gates every time you leave or return to the premises.

Solar Powered Gate

Another form of automatic gate that is gaining popularity is the solar-powered gate. These gates offer a “green” addition to your gate.

Not only do these gates cut down on your electric bill and use sustainable energy, but they are also particularly well suited for large properties. Large properties often require gates located substantial distances from the main power supply, so having a separate solar-powered gate is sometimes the most practical option.

Solar-powered automatic gates are a practical solution for both residential and commercial gates and can be used to power all types of automation, from boom gates to swing gates.

Styles of Gates

Next, you must decide on the style of gate you wish to have installed. 

The main types of gate styles include:

Depending on what the gate is used for, certain styles are more prevalent. If you’re unsure of what styles are appropriate for your needs, please contact us to discuss your individual needs. 

Gate Repair and Upgrades

If you need repairs done on a standard (non-automatic) gate, it makes sense to weigh the costs and benefits of upgrading to an automatic gate at the same time. Many people choose to upgrade their standard gate to an electric or solar-powered automatic gate while having their existing gate repaired.

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