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Electrical Gate Installation
Electric Gate Instalation

Buying gates for your home or business is a great way to add security to protect your building and occupants. Electric gates are a fantastic and convenient option in gates with different styles and different materials. We will be looking at the benefits of buying electric gates in East Sussex in this article today.

Electric Gates East in Sussex, Do You Need Them?

4 Reasons to buy domestic electric gates

Electric gates are definitely more secure than manual gates, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of installing electric gates at your home:

Your home will be more secure with an automatic electric gate, which serves as both a visible and physical deterrent. Since your property will be more difficult to access, would-be burglars will move on to an easier target.

The safety of children and dogs will be increased if your garden is enclosed with a fence and an automatic gate. Knowing that your kids and pets may play securely in your garden will give you peace of mind.

Having an electric gate makes life easier because you won’t have to get out of your car on another hot or rainy day. Your gate will automatically open for you when you push a button on your remote control, allowing you to drive right through your entrance. You may even configure your gate to close automatically at a specific time without worrying that it will damage your car or injure people if the proper safety mechanisms are fitted.

Your home’s value increases as a result of the aesthetic attractiveness of electric gates. Since most people don’t have gates because they are expensive, it gives the impression that the property has a larger value than it actually does. Due to the increased security, safety, and convenience of never having to from your car to manually open the gate, having an automatic gate will also increase the perceived value of your home. As an electric gate company, we have extensive knowledge in gates and electric gates. We are more than happy to answer any of your questions and make recommendations based on your needs.

Electric Gate Openers & Electric Gate Kits

Electric gate kits are made to automate the opening and closing of an existing manual sliding gate. The motor’s pinion gear winds the gate open and shut while a flat gear or rack is attached to the gate’s side.

Gate openers are motorised tools that enable automatic gate opening. Both sliding and swinging gates can be equipped with an electric gate opener.

In order to ensure you have secure gates, they can come with a variety of control methods from a simple passcode, and remote control to fingerprint ID.

Driveway Gates

Residential Electric Gates

There are a few different types of residential electric driveway gates to choose from to cater to the needs of as many people as possible. Some gates take up less room which is ideal as smaller driveway gates, some gates can be really high or wide, etc. It mostly comes down to what you require and how you like the gate to be designed. We will look at the three main gates that people install:

Sliding Driveway Gate

An electric sliding driveway gate can open to the left or right and have two wheels attached to the bottom that roll on a metal track attached to the ground. The bottom rail of the gate needs to be long enough to allow for the placement of a motor away from the edge of the driveway. To enable remote control operation of the gate, lengths of “rack” that are installed to the bottom rail of the gate and connected to the motor. When operating the gate, you will notice electric gates sliding to whatever side you want them to.

Swing Driveway Gate

To prevent dropping and dragging on the ground, electric swing gates are suspended from strong poles with appropriate hinges. Using a handheld remote control, gate motors automatically push the gates closed and draw them open. For various purposes, swing gate motors come in a wide variety of types.

Bifolding Driveway Gate

Similar to a standard swing gate, bi-fold electrical gates have two leaves that are linked by unique hinges after being sliced in half vertically. When compared to the equivalent regular swing gates, the gates swing open, fold in half in the middle, and take up roughly half as much area.

Automatic Gates For Your Business

Commercial Electric Gates – A commercial electric gate is an investment that is worthwhile if you’re looking to regulate access to and departure from a property. A quality remote-operated gate can increase security in your area, leave a nice first impression, and cost less money. Here are several justifications for installing gates in your commercial property if you are thinking about installing electric gates:

Regulated access – Electric gates are frequently used to regulate access into and out of a closed space, greatly enhancing the security of a property. Being able to remotely open and close your gate is a significant benefit if you have a large property that requires stringent access control.

Make a good impression on people – Any client, potential client, or business partner will naturally take a more serious look at a location with automated electric gates than they would if a person had to manually open the gate.

Be more efficient – There is a strong probability that you need staff to keep your property and keep it secure. An automated gate reduces the amount of labour that security and administrative staff must do, freeing them up to focus on other responsibilities. One solution is to have a card scanner at the gate so your staff can easily tap their ID card on the reader to make the gate open for them.

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