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Electric Gates Installers

Electric Gates Installers and Gate Automation Experts 

If you are contemplating replacing existing gates with automatic gates, you need to contact the leading UK electric gates installers. As automatic gate specialists and electric gate installers, we at Gate Doctors offer elegant residential driveway gates to commercial entrance metal gates. 

Each automatic gate installation receives the same level of care and expertise from our experienced automatic gate installers. 

Gate Doctors are Electric Gate Installation Specialists

Installations of electric gates are intricate tasks requiring close attention to detail. The installation process at Gate Doctors is a specialist task, that combines gate fitting technical mastery with creative entrance design. Our knowledgeable automatic gates installers concentrate on designing installations that not only improve a driveways security but also blend in perfectly with the property’s architectural design.

Installation of Electrical Gates for Added Security

Since electrical gates provide a level of convenience and protection beyond what traditional gates can provide, they have become an essential component of contemporary security systems. 

These gates offer increased security for residences, companies, and other properties by incorporating cutting-edge features and technology. Here are a few cutting-edge electrical gates that provide higher levels of security.

Access Control Systems by Expert Electric Gate Installers 

Many of our electric gate systems offer remote monitoring and management options. This allows property owners to keep an eye on gate activity and receive alerts about any unusual events, even when they are away from the entranceway.

Electric Gate Installers of Automatic Closing Timers

You can program an automatic closing timer to automatically close electronic gates after it has been opened. This prevents them from being left open longer than necessary, this feature lowers the possibility of unwanted entry.

Backup Power Systems for an Electric Gate 

Our electric gates are outfitted with backup power systems for gate motors, like solar panels or battery backups. This is to ensure security during blackouts. These make sure electric driveway gates keep working even if the primary power supply is unavailable.

Electric Gate with Remote Monitoring and Management

While they are away from the property, owners can monitor electric gate activity and receive alerts about any unusual events. Our electric gate installers can fit a remote monitoring and management feature for total security. offered by many electric gate systems.

Benefits of Gate Automation 

Numerous advantages come with automatic gate openers, such as increased convenience, security, aesthetics, and peace of mind. These systems provide an efficient and effective means of controlling access and raising the overall value of properties, whether they are for residential or commercial use.

Types of Gate Systems

Gate systems come in a variety of forms, each intended to fulfil a distinct function and requirements. Such as blending in with a different architectural style, and offering varying degrees of convenience and security.

Electric Gate Installers for Swing Gates

These gates swing open or closed like a door as they are hinged on one side. They are frequently found in residential settings as a single driveway gate or double configurations for metal or wooden driveway gates. 

Electric Gate Installers for Sliding Gates

Motors move sliding gates horizontally to open and close on a track. They are typical for commercial and industrial properties and are frequently utilized in spaces that are constrained as a secure gate system.

Electric Gate Installers of Cantilever Gates

Comparable to sliding gates, cantilever gates don’t need a ground track. They are perfect for places with uneven terrain or where the track of a sliding gate could get obstructed by debris.

Electric Gate Installers of Bi-Folding Gates

Two panels make up bi-folding gates, which fold in the middle to open or close. They frequently find use in commercial and industrial settings and save space.

Electric Gate Installation by Professional Gate Installers 

Professional electric gate installation by an expert electric gate installer s is crucial for ensuring the safe and optimal operation of electric gates. It involves a complex process that demands precision and adherence to safety regulations. 

Our professional gate installers offer customization to tailor a gate system to the property’s specific needs and architectural style. 

At Gate Doctors, as electric gate installers, we are well-versed in all-electric gates installation processes. Along with advanced access control systems and ensure the seamless integration of these systems. Safety features, such as obstacle detection sensors and regular maintenance, provide peace of mind. 

Using our professional installers ensures a secure investment in the security, convenience, and aesthetics of a property. This ensures the gate functions flawlessly and is well-protected and well-maintained for years to come.

Why Clients Choose Us for Driveway Gate Installation 

As a renowned automatic gate specialist company and gate automation installers, we have over 30 years of service and experience in the industry. Whether it is wooden or metal gates installation needed, we are at your service to design metal or wooden gates to your exact requirements. 

Accredited and Recognized

The DHF and GateSafe have professionally accredited and recognized us at Gate Doctors. We represent the electric gate installers sector at Westminster round tables in collaboration with Gate Safe.

Certified and Safety Compliant

At Gate Doctors, we don’t outsource to other electric gate installers. We only use our own highly skilled and trained electric gate installers. Each automatic gate installer is certified to meet the requirements of BS-EN13241 Gate Safety Legislation and has a Diploma in Gate Safety.

Contact us today and let Gate Doctors enhance your home or business with innovative gate design and security features.

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