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Electric Gate system

We provide and install automated electric gates Kent

Benefits of electric gates Kent can include saving time, increased convenience, and improved security for their homes.  Just by installing either a sliding gate system or automatic driveway gates. Experienced gate automation experts can advise you on which systems to install to provide you with greater control over who comes onto your property.  These are superior to manual gates, and they eliminate the need to depart your car or house to unlock the gate for yourself or a visitor.

How do these gates work?

There are many different options when it comes to automated gates and these include; System single gate, swing gate systems, automated entrance gates and electric gates are typically made up of two parts: the gate itself and an automatic gate operator. The gate (also known as an “electric barrier gate or automation engineers local”) is the physical barrier that must be sturdy and durable enough to suit your needs, while the gate operator is the electronic mechanism or access control system that activates it. For best driveway security, these components work together to control that only people you want to access your property’s entrance can do so, be it domestic or commercial premises.

Automatic gates are popular in the Kent area

While many people equate automatic driveway gates only with affluent neighborhoods or high-end estates, they are also a useful addition to any size residential house and many commercial businesses in the Kent and Ashford area. For any domestic homeowner, there are three major advantages to installing automatic gates or a single gate system on their property.

Security Gate Access Control Systems

An access control system’s automatic gate, as part of the perimeter fence, can assist create a boundary that secures and protects children and pets in your garden. Furthermore, automatic gates need visitors to know the code via the intercom systems or have the proper mechanism to open the gate in order to approach your driveway, keeping undesired or unauthorised vehicles away or giving you early warning alarms. You also don’t have to get out of your car at night to open the gate with your newly installed automatic gate.

Electric Curb Appeal gateways

These days, there are a plethora of stylish, sturdy, and dependable new automatic gates and intercom systems on offer in the market. Furthermore, the automatic gate mechanism can be added for any type of gate material, including your current gate. When you add them to your home, they provide it with a more complicated and new elegant look.

Increase your home sales quote by adding electric gate security systems

You might boost the value and resale potential of your house by improving security and curb appeal with an iron gate view. Multiple elements affect how your automatic gate will retain its function and aesthetics, and how well you maintain your automatic gates and intercom systems will play a role in this. 

While an automatic gate can benefit any family or individual in the Kent area, they are especially useful and convenient for senior property owners or individuals with a physical impairment or different chronic injury that makes exiting the vehicle to manually open the gate uncomfortable or difficult.

What are the different types of automatic gates?

You can choose any type of material you like for the fence. Vinyl, wood, wrought iron, aluminium, or steel are the most common materials for both fixtures. The last three are the most popular since they are sturdy, long-lasting, and simple to care for. Gates made of aluminium are lighter than those made of iron or steel. Wood gates are more prone to warping and require more maintenance because they must be repainted or stained on a regular basis, but they can be a beautiful addition to a cedar fence for example. Please check out our reviews for other ideas.

You can also choose from a variety of styles for both the gate’s design and its opening along with automation and closing mechanism. The following are some of the most typical metal gate designs systems:

Finials on an arched or flat top. You can choose to have the pickets extend past the upper rail and each is fitted with a stylish finial on both flat-top and arched-top gates.

There are also provide several opening styles to choose from, such as sliding, swing, and dual-openers. Your decision should be based on the terrain surrounding your home and driveway. The swinging type may not be appropriate if you have a narrow or steep driveway, one that is densely vegetated, or if you need to park on the other side of the gate. Swinging gates, on the other hand, are easier to repair because they have fewer individual and moving parts.

Components of an Automatic Security Gate

The gate isn’t the only crucial component of automatic entrance gate systems. Commercial automatic gate openers use a motor and drive system to physically move these gates. These automated gate openers are a vital part of the automatic security gate system since they make it easier to get past the barrier. These operators also eliminate the need to provide a security officer at the entry and are dependable in all weather situations.

Important note

The size and weight of your gate are critical factors to consider when purchasing an electric driver opener system. Each solution has a maximum weight limit, which may be found in the technical specifications provided by the system’s manufacturer. Affixing the motor to the ground is required. To enable lateral movement of the gate, you’ll need to add a rack and pinion. The toothed rack is attached to the gate and is connected to the motor’s pinion, allowing it to move. It is available separately from the automated gate system and/or as part of the kit.

The motor’s power source, which can be 24 or 230V, is also significant. A 24V power supply can be useful if you don’t have access to a socket, and it can also be used to open the gate in the event of a power outage because it can be supplied with a backup battery (often as an option offered by most manufacturers of automated drivers). In any case, most automated systems plug into a regular 220V outlet, and an external unlocking kit or a pair of safety photocells can be added to allow you to manually open the gate in the event of a power outage.

The automated gate opener, for the most part, is installed in the same way as swinging gates and requires no additional effort. However, there is one significant difference: installing an external unlocking mechanism on a sliding gate is quite difficult. As a result, having another access point to your home is proposed as a solution.

Can Electric Gates Be Opened Manually?

In the event of a power loss, you can normally manually open an electric gate. The procedure of manually opening an electric gate varies depending on the type of electronic gate system and automatic gate opener. Most electronic gates, on the other hand, will have a manual release gate key. This key will allow you to unlock the gate’s automatic function and manually open it without damaging it by using a handle or lever.

How Reliable Are Electronic Gates?

Electronic gates are extremely dependable, and many people rely on them for site security. The best electric gates on the market will have designs that safeguard them from unwanted tampering and harsh weather conditions. A professional electric gate maker will make sure you have a gate that fits your needs. It’s critical to work with a provider that provides thorough support during and after gate installation. If you need assistance after installation, a support team that works directly with you will help you choose the correct gate for your needs and aid you with problems.

Electronic gates can also be more reliable if they are manufactured in-house by a corporation. The gate supplier may closely oversee the gate’s creation with in-house manufacture, ensuring that you obtain the highest-quality residential or commercial driveway gate.

How Much Does an Electric Gate Cost?

The cost of automated gates depends on the type of barrier being constructed, the type of operator and access control system used, and the size of the installation, among other things as automated gates hardware and fence types. Employing quality gate automation engineers, as with any critical aspect of your facility, will help you control risk while lowering your ownership costs over the life of your purchase. The best approach to ensure you receive the proper electronic gate for your demands and budget is to work with a knowledgeable supplier.

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