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electric gates london

Electric Gates London

Looking for electric gates London? Gatedoctors LTD have what you need to complement the rest of your outdoor space in London! Our gates come in a wide variety of shapes and styles. We offer installations, repairs, and maintenance on the following types of gates:

We have some of the best commercial automation installation professionals on our team. If you are interested in gate automation, we have an option for you. We have gates that are guaranteed to increase the security of your area.  

Automatic Gateways

If you are interested in automatic gateways, then you should please call us to talk about our automation options. We offer gate automation with various ways to access the gate. If security is your number one concern, then we can install more secure gate automation on your system. We offer gate automation for both domestic and commercial locations. We can use a variety of access point options in our gate installations.

London Automatic Gates

Living in London, making your gate automatic can be even more important. In London, you may find it particularly difficult to use a gate that is not automatic. In fact, many areas would not have room for you to pull the car through and then secure the gate on the opposite side. For many, the options may be either electric gates or no gate at all! But now you can have electric gates installed on your home property here in London. These gates can offer enhanced security. We can install them quickly and easily in several styles, including sliding gates and bi folding gates.

Automated Gate – Electric Gates for You

Gate automation has been around for a while and has proven itself to be a wonderful way to access your property. Whether you choose to install sliding gates or non sliding gates, we have automation and security systems that will work well for you on both commercial and domestic properties. Installation can be completed relatively quickly once you have decided on your preferred systems. We are always happy to answer your questions about installation and the different security and electric gates systems

Electric Gates Installation

When it comes down to the installation systems, we know you want your gates installed the right way the first time. And we agree! Regardless of whether you chose wooden gates or other gate systems, we focus on quality installations of systems that you can count on.

Electric Gate Repair in Surrey

If you need electric gate repair in Surrey, we can come to your rescue! Electric gates for your home can add a higher quality of living. When your gate is electric, you do not have to get out of your car in the rain to open the gate manually. Instead, you can push a button on the remote in your car and open your gate in an automatic way. If you are running late for work, you can quickly get out of your property by relying on the gate that we installed. You can simply push a button and watch as your electric gates open in an automatic fashion. It will open for you, long enough to let your vehicle pass through the electric gates, then it will close behind you in an automatic manner, leaving your home safe and secure behind you. This will save you valuable time as you do not need to exit your car on either side of your gate. Rather, you can just drive through, as if there were no barriers for your car at all. Of course, for unauthorised vehicles, the gate will remain closed and will not open in an automatic manner. Electric gates can make your life so much easier and more convenient. Once you have us make your gate automatic, you will wonder how you ever survived with a non automatic gate in the past!

Fire Resistant Electric Gates Options

If you have been using wooden gates, they may not be the most fire resistant, but we have some gate options that wood fit the bill! Pun intended! Although wood gates can be beautiful, many people today are concerned about the flammability of their wooden gates. We’d be happy to discuss burn resistant and other wood gate options.

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