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About Gatedoctors

 With over 30 years experience in the electric gates industry, Gatedoctors are the leading automatic gate repair specialist in the South East of the UK and London.  

We know all about the inconvenience of a malfunctioning automatic gate system which is why we specialise in repairing all types of automated electric gate systems. 

At Gatedoctors, we have a friendly technical support team who will guide you through any problems you have and suggest effective solutions with the arrangement of an engineer to come to you. Typical situations we encounter and resolve are: 

– General wear and tear 

– Water damage 

– Electrical damage 

– Poor maintenance 

– Ram replacement 

– Motor replacement 

– Track repairs 

– Re-alignment or re-setting 

– Intercom faults 

– Structural damage 

– Vehicle impact 

– Manual release 

– Gate changes for improved/safer layouts. 

– Drive unit changes 

Our engineers are qualified with a Diploma in Gate Safety meeting the requirements of BS-EN13241 Gate Safety Legislation. Our team is available Monday to Friday from 7:00am to 4.30pm to offer unparalleled advice and make all the necessary arrangements for an engineer to come to your home. Call or email us using the above details or contact us using the Get My Free Quote button above.

Why choose us for your automatic electric gates?

We started as a small independent business in 1987 to engineer and install electric gates. Our company has now grown allowing us to become the leader in Automated Gate Repairs in the South East of the UK. 

Service Staff – We have 3 full time service staff at our Service Centre to offer solutions to any questions you may have for us. 

Our technical department also has our technical manager and technical director to provide additional support to our service staff. 

They will be more than happy to assist you with any electric gate queries you may have. With over 30 years of experience, we have seen it all and we are confident that we will have the solution. We offer: 

Same or next day repair service 

Free gate repair estimate 

Over 30 years experience 

Local qualified engineers 

Quality assured company 

Technical team – Our technical department are on hand to assist you and diagnose any problems you may have. Our engineers will then have a good understanding of the situation and how to provide a solution when they arrive at your home or business. 

Servicing and maintaining electric gates 

Maintenance and servicing is essential to ensure your electric gates are safe and legal.

We provide maintenance and service agreements for residential, commercial and managed properties. All work done by our DHF qualified engineers to ensure your automatic electric gate system is safe and legal.

Our maintenance service also includes the lubrication and inspection of all mechanical components to ensure they are in working order. We force test and ensure safety by inspecting system compliance. We will manage the compliance and records on your behalf so you know you are in safe hands. We can also help with insurance claims.

Why take out our service agreement:

 – Managed compliance records 

– Health and safety compliance 

– Maintenance of mechanical parts 

– Technical support team 

– Immediate engineer booking 

– Fast response times 

What our service agreement includes:

– Assessment of overall system 

– Inspection of electric gate operation 

– Force testing electric gates 

– Safety inspection and assessment of automatic gates 

– Alignment testing 

– Gate structural assessment 

– Manual release inspection 

– Electrical inspection 

– Access keys and electric key fob checks

How much do electric gate kits cost? 

The cost varies and depends on what your needs are. Different types of automated gates include Swing Gates, Sliding electric Gates, Bi-Folding Gates, Barriers, Powered Doors, Roller Shutters and Bollards. 

Are remote automated gates worth it? 

The installation of the right remote automatic gate can make your home a lot more appealing which will improve the resale value of your home. In addition to being a secure, functional feature to your property, an electric gate also serves as a sound investment.  

One benefit of automated gates is that they are a lot more secure than a manual gate. Most electric gates can also be controlled from inside your house allowing you to give access to the people you want on your property. A door can also be installed next to the gate with a keypad for trusted pedestrians to use with your code. 

All gates come with an electric key fob allowing you to open and close your gate remotely within a certain proximity of your property. This works in a similar fashion to a remote garage door. 

What are the best electric gates? 

The two main types of gate are the sliding electric gate and swing gate opener. The choice of gate really depends on your property type and driveway layout. 

An electric sliding gate requires little room to operate as long as you have the space for the gate to slide.  

A swing gate takes up a lot more space, there can’t be any obstructions on the opening side so that it can clearly open all the way. You also need to ensure you have enough space for cars whilst the swing gates are opening.  

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