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Frequently Asked Questions


Not via an engineer visit as they are constantly mobile and are reacting to callouts and repair visits. With supplied photos and descriptions emailed to our office, we can provide a free estimate to give you a sense of what is required and advise you of the best course of action. In most cases, a callout is the most cost effective option, as we approach any system with the intention of repairing it and getting it back up and running. If this is not possible on a callout visit due to parts additional being required. A quote is sent to you for a swift and reliable repair.

A callout provides 1 hour on site and quite often is plenty of time to find the problem. If the system is new to us, we find that most systems are variations on a theme, the methods used to install or repair a given system can vary quite considerably and so additional time may be required to understand these methods. Through our many years of experience we are able in most cases to quickly identify and rectify issues and provide a repair. In some cases further recommendations will be made to improve the systems long term reliability, structural integrity and safety.

If access can be gained by our engineer, you do not need to be present. However it can be helpful for you to have a chat with our engineer to help build up a picture of the issue. If you let the office know when booking a callout that you will not be there and confirm access is available we can attend and provide you with an update post visit with any findings and the outcome of the visit.

Our services and engineers are in high demand and we will always aim to be with you next day. Our service team will always advise you of the earliest opportunity for a visit at the time of the callout request. So you can rest assured knowing an engineer will be with you as soon as possible.

We work using a zone system based on your postcode. New customers will need to pay upfront for the first visit, thereafter an account is created for you and any subsequent visits in the future will be raised and invoiced on a 14-day term.

When we visit any system, both old and new. We look for long term reliability and safety. We will always advise on areas that can be improved on your system. If a system was not installed by us, we measure this against our own high standards of works and that of the safety regulations and standards/guides to good practice laid out by our governing body. These recommendations are optional and we will be happy to guide you through them ahead of your consideration.

Yes, we can. There are thousand of brands and models on the market today. In order for us to ensure we supply the correct remote. We will need to know what type of remote you have. If possible a picture can be extremely useful but if you are unsure please give us a call and we can guide you in the right direction.


All manufacturers of automation and access control will outline a recommendation for servicing – usually every 6-12 months. The same is true for safety compliance. This ensures the best lifespan for your equipment as well as providing peace of mind that any warranty claims will be valid. Servicing has proven time and time again to reduce the requirement for call out and repair visits and provides you a good overview of the system condition. It can also highlight weaknesses developing from age related wear and tear and greatly increase the longevity of any system with preventative maintenance and repair.

There are a variety of factors that include, type of system, expected use and equipment fitted. Generally the advice is for a single dwelling domestic properties: once a year. For multi-user and commercial sites, every 6 months. We can advise of the best service schedule to suit your system and requirements.

A service visit usually takes around 90 minutes, so long as no existing problems are present.

Our engineers check every aspect of your system. Including the structural and mechanical elements such as hinges, foundation boxes and posts. Testing of access control. Extensive testing of automation, including brackets and motor windings. Oil levels where applicable. Sealing and protection of junctions and boxes/cabinets. Safety test and force testing and much more, including minor repairs as required.

You will receive a comprehensive report that uses a traffic light system, Green, Amber and Red to quickly identify aspects of your system that require attention. As well as a written report by the attending engineer on any findings and recommendations. You will also receive, where applicable, a copy of the system force test or a recommendation to upgrade your system to a safe and compliant standard.


There is no definitive answer to this question as every installation is unique. With many factors to consider such as the gate design, material, complexity, location and scale. Considerations must also be made to the type of automation used. Given the myriad of brands and products on the market, we rely on our first hand experience and lean on only the tried and tested equipment we know and trust can deliver high levels of reliability and functionality. Systems can range from £7500 – £15,000 for single domestic and multi-user sites and higher for more industrial and larger scale systems.

If the decision is commercially driven, then of course, the cheapest quote wins. But we find that it is often the case that this does not hold the greatest value. We sell systems, yes, but also provide a service. Alongside our knowledge and experience for after-sales care and preventative maintenance. In our industry, there can be quite a diverse and varied approach to any given system or project. We must first ensure that we are comparing apples for apples as different companies will not always specify the same equipment, design or approach. We at Gatedoctors install systems with more than just automation in mind, we look ahead. We know the devil can be in the details and it is quite often the unseen elements of a system that are the most important. Such as the quality and type of cable used, the methods employed to seal and protect sensitive areas of a system. The structural and mechanical elements of your system are designed with long term reliability in mind. With an abundance of choice in todays market, we will specify and install only tried and tested equipment we know and trust can deliver.

Gate systems are an investment, often adding more than their initial cost to the value of any property. We aim to provide long term value and we will happily look at options to suit you and help you to make a positive investment based on your chosen budget.

We very often see gate systems installed by unqualified persons. This, although in the short term cheaper, invariably leads to problems in the future. Our industry is regulated and strict criteria laid out for the high standards of installation and system safety. A great number of our existing customers are recipients of a system installed ‘on the cheap’ and so we would urge you to ensure that your chosen contractor is qualified and able to demonstrate a high standard of work. We are happy to provide free advice and answer any questions you have relating to the installation of a new system.

Gate safety:

Gate safety is regulated and standardised across our industry. Outlined by the trade association DHF (Door and Hardware Federation) and enforced by the HSE. A number of hazards are present and inherent to gate systems and measures should be taken to minimise and negate these hazards.

The owner/manager of any gate system has a duty of care to ensure a system is compliant and safe for use.

We must ensure that newly installed systems are compliant to our industry standards and the machinery directive. We must also provide protection for foreseen misuse. For example ensuring the gates can withstand additional load, in so far as is reasonable and practicable. We have a duty to inform clients of potential risks/ hazards and measures to address these hazards in order to provide a safer system.

No. We understand it can come across this way at times. There have been numerous deaths and tragic accidents involving gate systems in years gone by. These standards and laws exist for good reason. As professionals in our field, we cannot ignore our responsibility and duty of care for your safety. If we take on an existing system and were to knowingly leave this system in an unsafe state without recommendations or notifying the customer, we would be in breach of the law. It is imperative that safety is discussed and understood at all levels.

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