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Gate Electric

Enhance Your Security – Talk to our Gate Electric Experts

The importance of our gate electric specialists cannot be overstated when it comes to security. As a renowned electric gate company, Gatedoctors with our years of experience is familiar with every type and range of automated gates and electric gate motors on the market.

Unparalleled Electric Gates Expertise

Whether you are a business owner looking to secure your property or a homeowner looking to fortify your property. Gatedoctors has to be your first electric gate company choice. 

This article aims to showcase our premium automatic gate installations and choices of electric gates for your home or business. 

Customised Electric Gates & Systems 

Our business takes security seriously, and we are aware that many property gates serve as their first line of defence. Our electric gates specialists are at the forefront of these important security requirements. We are qualified to evaluate your particular gate automation needs and suggest customised electric gate solutions. 

gate electric

Cutting Edge Gate Technology

From the installation of cutting-edge automatic gates to the automation of existing ones. Our team is skilled in a broad range of electric driveway gates and systems. Because we are aware that no two client’s security needs are the same, our experts collaborate closely with each one of them to create custom driveway gates with security features.

Safety of Electric Gates 

Our unwavering dedication to safety is what distinguishes us. We are aware that a gate is more than just a barrier; it is a component of daily life. Safety features are given top priority by our commercial and residential gate specialists. 

They make sure that each gate installation complies with the strictest industry guidelines. To keep your systems functioning at their best, we also provide regular maintenance services. This gives our customers peace of mind.

Types of Electric Gates 

All the different styles of gates with automation control we produce can be manufactured from various materials. Such as aluminium, metal or wood. Wooden driveway gates work perfectly as residential gates. While aluminium or metal gatesmay be more suited to commercial premises. 

The type of gates you require is out of our control, we are here to advise and help you make the right gate choice. 

Swing Gates

A swing gate swings open and shut like doors and has a hinge on one side. Depending on the width of the entrance, either single or double-swing (bi-fold) electronic gates may be used. This style of gate gives residential properties a traditional and elegant appearance.

Sliding Gates

Electric sliding gates move horizontally along a track and open and close by sliding to one side. These gates are ideal for properties with limited space, like commercial driveways, or uneven terrain.

Cantilever Gates

Similar to sliding driveway gates, cantilever gates are supported by a counterbalance system rather than a ground track. This style of gate is suitable for properties with uneven or sloped terrain.

Custom Designed Gates

Custom-made electric gates can be fabricated to meet specific needs and aesthetic preferences. For properties with distinctive requirements or a desire for a distinctive look, we can fabricate an electric gate just for you. 

Automated Gates Installation

Setting up electric gate systems at the front or back of a property is known as gate installation. This installation involves various steps and considerations to ensure the gate automation functions effectively. We check the functionality of the remote control gates meets the security and convenience needs of the home or business owner.

Electric Gate Repair

For automated gates to remain safe and functional in a variety of settings, electric gate repair is an essential service. When a gate has problems, technicians identify and troubleshoot the issue, frequently replacing defective parts like motors, wiring, and sensors. 

The automation side of the gate is kept in good working order and is safe to use thanks to our safety inspections and preventive maintenance. Critical access points are eligible for emergency repair services. Proper repair and upkeep ensure security and convenience while extending the life of the gate system.

Why Clients Choose Us

You invest in more than just security when you choose to work with our driveway gates specialists. You also invest in convenience, dependability, and a sense of well-being. We take pride in assisting our customers in strengthening the security of their residences and places of business with our range of metal and wooden gates. 

We look forward to talking about how we can customise our services and systems to meet your particular gate requirements. Our top priority is your security, and we are here to support you at every turn.

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