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What are electric gates?

Our company is an expert in the field of gate repairs London. We service all kinds of gates; metal gates, wooden gates, electric gates, and security gates as well as the installation of gates.

You will usually find gates installed in places that require high security. such as workplaces and government buildings. Gates are also made to protect large properties like estates. As with anything that uses moving parts, your gates will become old and will need to be serviced or repaired.

Electric gates have succeeded in demonstrating their use and convenience to specific market segments, even if they are not as widely used as automated or custom-built gates. They can be activated by pressing a button on a remote control, via a keypad, or by using fingerprint recognition.  Electric gates can be categorised in three ways:

Swing gates

A strong motor is used to open and close swing gates. Depending on the required action, the motor releases enough energy to swing the gate back and forth when a command, switch, or when you press a button.

The most common and convenient form of the gate is the swing gate. They are often wrought iron, which makes them heavy and durable.

If you are thinking of this type of gate, it is more suited to long driveways to allow the gates to swing open.

Folding gates

Comparing it to a swing gate, this style is more compact. It is constructed from numerous solid metal sheets that are hinged together. The gate extends or contracts after it is opened. When the gate is closed, all of the metal sheets are stretched end to end to create a protective wall that is powered by electricity.

On the other hand, the sheets are mechanically folded on one side of the entranceway while the gate is open. Due to their folding design, these gates take up less room than swinging gates. Galvanised steel or aluminium is typically used to make folding gates.

Sliding gates

Sliding gates are operated using a chain and pulley system. A solid platform with tiny wheels supports the gate itself. Through an indentation in the ground made of metal, the wheels move back and forth. Remote controls make it simple to operate sliding gates, which are powered by electric motors. They work effectively in locations with narrow driveways as they take up less space than swing gates, for example. Aluminum or wood is commonly used to construct sliding gates.

What is gate servicing and the benefits of having gates

Your home or business can benefit greatly from automated gate systems, and if properly maintained, an electric gate can last 20 years or longer.

In order to guarantee that the gates and motors are in the best possible condition, it is imperative to have at least one annual gate servicing. A variety of advantages make routine gate maintenance necessary, including ensuring the longevity of your gate’s automation:


Safety is one of the key justifications for a routine gate service. The engineer has the chance to test each of the gate safety features to make sure they are functioning properly when your gates are being serviced.

While accidents involving gate automation systems are uncommon, bad installation and careless maintenance might increase the possibility of one. Our staff will check the safety equipment and obstacle detection systems to make sure they are operating properly during a service. In order to prevent any potential electrical problems, they will also check the electrical components.

Money saving

Like your car, all electric gates have moving parts that require regular maintenance to keep them operating effectively and dependably. An engineer will be able to inspect any damage or wear and tear before it becomes a problem if you have your electric gate kit serviced.

Being proactive is preferable because emergency call-outs can become rather expensive.  Additionally, the safety edge transmitters, wireless photocells, and other moving parts of the gate frequently need new batteries. Your gates will not operate if either of these batteries expires, and a costly battery replacement will be required.

Reliable and efficient gates

A preventable gate automation breakdown can be extremely annoying. Automated gate systems should have a manual release option to allow the gates to be opened in the event of a power outage.

A thorough examination of the system’s operations and any necessary repairs will be done during a service. This entails inspecting all wiring and connections as well as lubricating any moving components, such as wheels, motor arms, and hinges. Maintaining your gate system to a high quality helps extend the life of the gate system and lessen the chance of breakdown.

Your gates look good

You want to keep your electric gate systems looking as good as new. A gate engineer won’t pressure wash your gates for you, but they will make sure all of the vital parts are oiled, spotless, and free of debris. Your gates will continue to look brand new even after a few years with regular cleaning.


Security is one of the reasons individuals install electric gate systems at their homes or places of business. Your gates will function as needed if you make sure you service them frequently. A gate’s mere appearance can dissuade certain crooks, but it doesn’t mean they won’t try to nudge the gates.

To prevent any unpleasant mishaps when this occurs, you want to be sure that your gates are operating properly. Along with your automatic gates, installing an outdoor lighting system can be a wonderful deterrent, especially if the lights have motion sensors.

How do I know that my gate needs repairs?

A fantastic approach to increase the security of your property and protect you and your family is automatic gates. They are a practical access control strategy and can significantly improve curb appeal. However, they do need to be maintained because a broken automatic gate may be unsafe or useless. If the gates don’t match up, they make strange noises or they don’t respond as they should, they will most likely need repairs.

What gate problems can be repaired?

The following are some signs that your gate needs repairs:

Strange noises when opening and closing the gates – This may be brought on by a dirty motor or improper lubrication, among other factors. Additionally, grinding sounds may indicate worn-out mechanical parts. If you hear a beeping noise, there might be a battery issue. A gate engineer can clean or replace any parts that need it.

Gate does not fully open or close – Your gate may not fully open or close if something is blocking the path or if the “keep open” command has been used. It might also be brought on by an electrical problem which will need to be identified and repaired.

Gate latches but does not lock – If the magnetic lock on your gate is not functioning, it may be due to worn-out hinges, or a problem with the power source. The latter problem is the easiest to fix, but you’ll need to have a professional replace or repair this problem.

Misaligned gates – If your gate is a double gate, you can find that each side isn’t lined up with the other. This needs to be corrected right away because it could make the gates unable to latch properly.

Sagging gates – In addition to worn hinges, gates may sag due to sinking posts and other structural problems. Since they could lead to more serious issues, these must be addressed very away.

Gate doesn’t remain closed – It’s obvious that your door needs to be inspected if it frequently swings open by itself. This can be caused by a broken lock, an issue with the rail or hinges, or both.

Gate opens and shuts by itself -This is a pretty typical issue that may be caused by a failing motherboard. It’s difficult to diagnose this kind of problem. Make sure that any sensors for the automatic opening or closing of the gate are not obstructed by dirt or leaves.

Response lag or failure – Cold temperatures can make gates that already have problems work more slowly. If you notice that your gate isn’t responding as rapidly as it usually does, it’s likely that some of the parts need to be replaced. This is particularly true if it occurs frequently.

How to maintain your gate


In order to prevent rust from forming on any metal parts of your gate, make sure to keep an eye on how dirty the gate is. Without routine cleaning, a buildup of dirt and dust can quickly develop. By doing this, you can keep the gate’s appearance longer and avoid having to pay for an expensive and time-consuming restoration any time soon.


Given that gates require moving parts to function, you should keep them in good condition to avoid having to make a more expensive repair in the future. Make sure to oil any necessary elements, including the chain, pulley, wheels, hinges, and screws. Keep in mind that many swing and slide gates contain internal chains that also need maintenance.


Pests like insects and rodents are a frequently disregarded aspect of automatic gate maintenance. Despite appearing to be harmless, they have the ability to seriously damage the gate’s electrical components. For instance, slugs and snails can be a concern if they get onto the circuit board since their slime trails can lead to moisture accumulations that seriously harm the circuitry.

How much are electric gates London?

The price of electric gates and their installation can vary from property to property which is why we offer a free quote service so that you fully understand what to expect. Get in touch with us for more information.

How much are electric gate repairs London?

The price to repair gates will vary depending on what is wrong with your gate. Your gate may simply need cleaning or it may need a new motor or battery which will obviously cost more money. There’s also the added expense of having to pay for an emergency call-out.  This is why you should service your gates regularly. You can contact us to discuss all manner of servicing, installation, and repairs.

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