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The different types of automatic gates available – Swing, Stone, Metal Garden Gates

In the past when looking for gates London is a big area to search, fortunately we have the internet these days. For gates in London, Swing gates or sliding gates can be installed depending on the shape of your driveway and the quantity of space available.

Swing gates are quieter and more suitable for narrow driveways or a garden. Swing gates require adequate room on your property to swing securely into. Make sure the gates don’t open into public property, such as pavement, if they’re going to open publicly.

Strong winds can damage garden swing gates, so they may not be the best choice if you live in a windy region. Swing gates are also ineffectual if your driveway slopes uphill, forcing each gate to clash with the rising road when opened. You don’t need to create room for the gates to swing through because they don’t open into your driveway.

A sliding gate, on the other hand, needs a space that is longer than the gate and runs parallel to the driveway or garden entrance as well as one side of the gate pillars or posts.

There are a few things to think about before deciding which gate is best for your home. To choose the best gate decision for your property, we recommend consulting with one of our experts.

Gate Doctors is the preferred local choice for top-notch automatic gates for your house or company. Take a look at our gallery website – – for some inspiration and to see some current examples of our work.  If you need a new gate or other relevant equipment, please contact us via our website or call us at 0800 634 3937, and one of our pleasant employees will be happy to answer any questions you may have for us. You can also email us at

Are sliding or swing gates best in London?

Any property would benefit from having an automated gate to the entrance of their driveway or garden. There are several benefits to investing in a modern automatic gate system, ranging from increased property value to increased home security.

However, picking the correct method might be difficult at times. When purchasing a new automatic gate, there are a number of factors to consider, one of the most essential of which is the type of gate being installed.

Swing gates and sliding gates are two of the most common options in this regard. Because the opening mechanics are different on each, each has its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

As a result, you should think about the following three factors to help you determine which choice is ideal for you:

Cost – Given the overall cost of installing a new automated driveway or garden gate, it’s logical to think about the cost of each type of gate when deciding which one to install. A swing gate is generally the less expensive of the two options for those on a smaller budget, making it the ideal choice for those trying to keep expenses down.  Sliding gates, despite the fact that both types of gates might have the same form and size, require a more sophisticated opening mechanism and additional elements. A swing gate, for example, is made up of a motor and a couple of hinges attached to a post or wall, but a sliding gate requires a motor, a slide track, and rollers.

Space – Many customers who are having a new gate built have limited driveway or garden space, in which case a sliding gate may be a better alternative. This is due to the fact that sliding gates require less area to operate.  Swing gates, for example, necessitate a lot of distance between the gate and the automobile to guarantee the gate does not contact any other vehicles when it opens, therefore there must be enough area for the gate to fully open, as well as space for the vehicle to wait while this occurs.  This means you’ll need to consider the width of the driveway as well as the available area in front and behind it. Choose a sliding gate if space is limited, whereas double swing gates benefit large driveways because they don’t require as much clearance to open as a single swing gate.

Upkeep – A swing gate is usually the best option if you don’t want to bother about gate maintenance. When opposed to a sliding gate, which requires continual track clearing, even the tiniest debris can cause jamming difficulties along the track, it requires relatively little maintenance. Swing gates are also easier to maintain in the long run. The opening mechanism has fewer components than those used in sliding gates, which means there is less possibility of parts breaking down and needing to be fixed or replaced.

How much is an automatic gate installation in London?

The price of metal gates we offer in London often ranges from a few hundred pounds for pedestrian gates to £2,000 to £4,000 for customised, modern, or classically-designed driveway gates. These can also be complemented by metal railings such as wrought iron.

Meanwhile, automated gate motors range in price from a few hundred pounds for a low-intensity articulated arm motor (for lightweight gates) to £1,000 for a pair of subterranean domestic swing gate motors with foundation boxes.

If you wish to automate your present metal gates in your garden or driveway, there are still some things to consider. There may be additional costs associated with automating an old metal gate. You might need to include the building of pillars strong enough to hold gate motors, for example.

You should also think about gate installation costs. The cost of installation is mostly determined by the type of groundwork and gates chosen.  Pillars, posts, and, if you choose swing gates, subsurface motor installation and drainage, as well as a certified electric supply, are all included in the ground work fees.

A thorough site inspection is required for a professional automatic gate installation to identify potential problems and the cost of correcting them.

The benefits of installing a gate in your driveway in London

The installation of the appropriate remote automated gate may enhance the beauty of your property and increase its resale value. An electronic gate is not only a safe and useful addition to your home, but it is also a wise investment.

One advantage of automated gates over manual gates is that they are much more secure. Most electric gates may also be controlled from within your home, allowing you to provide entry only to those who need it. Next to the gate, a door with a keypad can be put for trustworthy pedestrians to use with your code.

All gates come with an electric key fob that allows you to open and close your gate from a distance of up to 100 feet. This operates in the same way as a remote garage door does.

At Gatedoctors, we provide everything our customers need for their automation systems, including installation, repair, and maintenance. We specialise in audio intercom systems, keypads, safety edges, and other automated gates and security equipment. We’ll look at a range of reasons for installing automatic gates at residences, and after reading them, your reasons for considering them may expand. Depending on why you want to install electric gates, you may also modify your design to match your demands.

The most significant advantage of electric gates is that they provide you complete control over who has access to your property. As a result, your security system has been strengthened, ensuring that you and any family members are always safe. Before they arrive at your door, you may identify any callers to the house using audio communications and control technology. Access control systems guarantee that only approved users may enter until you give them permission, whether you want to avoid nuisance calls or are frightened of suspicious visitors. A closed gate is often a deterrent to would-be thieves, therefore it can help prevent opportunist crimes.

Because electric gates include automated closing controls, you may be certain that the gate will be safely closed and locked as soon as you enter, increasing your home’s security. By reducing traffic in crowded areas and protecting plants in your gardens from rabbits, foxes, deer, and other unwanted visitors, it may also protect your property from animals such as rabbits, foxes, deer, and other unpleasant visitors. If covert security and surveillance are important to you, they can be included.

Installing these sorts of gates whether hardwood or metal gates is a long-term investment that may increase the value and charm of your house. Automated gate systems have been shown to boost your home’s value by up to 5% and even speed up the sale process. It’s also more appealing since, because of the greater safety and security, insurers sometimes grant discounts for installing robust security gates.

Close board or robust gates can also help to create a sense of seclusion. Your home should be your haven, and we may be able to employ automated methods to decrease noise near busy schools or large highways. Parking violations, abandoned autos, and power outages may all be avoided with the use of a gate.

There are various more reasons why people could choose for electronic gates. This includes the aspect of convenience, since you may quickly open the gates. from the comfort of your own vehicle or residence Access control systems can also be controlled remotely over the phone.

For more information on why you should install electronic gates at your London property, please contact us via our contact form or email at You may also call us at 0800 634 3937 One of our employees will be delighted to help you and answer any questions you might have regarding our products and services.

Cost of gate maintenance in London

The cost of gate maintenance visits in London varies depending on the type of gate system you have and how far away your chosen gate engineer is. The expense of annual maintenance for your electronic gates to ensure reliable operation and long life is likely to be between £150 and £300.  Some companies charge a set cost for a gate maintenance visit to assess the system, then charge for any repairs that are required. Other companies may provide a comprehensive maintenance/guarantee contract that covers replacement parts, however, these are likely to be more expensive.  The majority of electric gate system manufacturers provide their products with a guarantee straight out of the box. This encourages you to use installers who buy from reputable UK vendors in order to ensure that warranties are honoured.  Ensure that your gate engineer’s installation is protected by the guarantee they give when you confirm with them.

Running costs of electric gates in London

Electric gates are inexpensive to run in London, and the frequency with which they are used determines their ongoing costs. A standby electric gate system consumes around 100 watts per day. When power costs around 15p per KW/h, this comes to 1.5p each day.

When running, the gates will use up to 700W, but only for around 20 seconds in each direction. For each cycle of the gates opening and closing, this equates to roughly 0.2p. Based on the above costs, an average set of domestic gates operates 15 times each day, or around 3p per day.

The annual power cost for gates that run up to 15 times per day (which is quite a lot) will be roughly £15.
To ensure that your automatic electric gate system performs safely and legally, regular maintenance and servicing are required.

For residential, commercial, and managed properties, we provide personalised maintenance and service agreements, with all work conducted by DHF licenced engineers in compliance with legal requirements, guaranteeing that your gate system is safe and legal.

In addition to ensuring accurate, safe, and legal running order of your system, our maintenance service includes lubricating and verifying all mechanical components are in working order, force testing, and ensuring safety by analysing system compliance with the Health and Safety Executive guidelines.

After an initial gate inspection, we can offer advice and work with any gate brand and system type, style and we can even manage many sites for easier billing.

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