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Our service and maintenance agreements

Maintenance and servicing is vital to ensure safe and legal operation of your automatic electric gate system.

We offer flexible maintenance and service agreements for residential, commercial and managed properties, with all work undertaken by our DHF qualified engineers in line with legal guidelines, which ensures your gate system is safe and legally compliant with legislation.

Along with ensuring correct, safe and legal working order of your system our maintenance service also includes lubricating and checking all mechanical components are in working order, force testing and ensuring safety by checking system compliance with the Health and Safety executive guidelines. We also manage all the compliance and records on your behalf, and can also help with insurance claim handling and section 20 notices.

We can work with any gate brand and system type subject to an initial gate inspection, and can also manage multiple sites for easy billing.

Benefits of our service agreement

Benefits of our service agreement

Maintenance and servicing includes

Maintenance and servicing includes

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